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i'm full of fear
since the last time
i saw clearly


released August 4, 1989



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++++++ is a bedroom recordingproject by splatsin nation member TJM

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Track Name: GUIDING S-T-A-R
4 everything i've seen
i just might get clean
but i'm a junkie i'm a commie
i'm a plague upon this city
wanting to die, it's part of being alive
you said "lets get high" & pitched in your last 5$
it'll be alright.. once we've lobotomized our minds

i'm full of fear from the last time i saw clearly
but since i've forgot your eyes
i can laugh (laughlaughlaugh) sincerely

i dress like wallpaper so you can have a laugh (laughlaughlaugh)
but i know you'll move on once i take that step back

like a guiding star you're already dead
like a guiding star you're already dead
Track Name: e-z feelings
holy ghost of a holy son
my body gave up.. but my souls work must not be done
so now i'm just another face on the streets..
w/e-z feelings of defeat

tomorrow i will wake
though i've not been sleeping
& i don't eat for days
i might die before my time
but who's to say
when that is anyways?

e-z feelings
these feelings
Track Name: benzos benzos benzos
i can't meet the world half way
i've conquered the couch so that's just where i'll stay
nightmares smear the screen, but that's o.k.

i've doubled as your conscience, secret keeping narcoleptic daze..
& i think i've spent enough time going up in smoke
& manipulating mirrors..

when i'm on the down & out
will benzos make it easier?
when i'm down for the count..
just trying to breathe...
Track Name: in his prayers
we were raised to be inspired by madness
not to taste of it ourselves
it's just as hard to see you @ night
the streets are lit like daytime
i hope that you're alright
& that you've just come to watch me lose my mind

i know..
it's so dull
i've lost your attention
since i've bothered to mention
it @ all

my nervous condition
Track Name: the only mommy i cood afford (WAS A SKINNY OLD MAN)
as a child i mostly went ignored
until strangers started putting $$ in my hand
& the only mommy i could afford
was a drinkin' old man
was a skinny old man..

(wake up to the edge
& ease into the static
cause death is not as close
as you'd like to think
.. as i'd like to think)

not many people i can trust w/my life
& i guess it's gone to my head
it's hard to believe
the corpse in your arms is me
Track Name: crime > dishpit
i've got everything i need to survive in the streets
some day old bread a lettuce head a tray of stolen lunchmeats

can i crash @ your place? @ least stash my suitcase
(feeling like i'm a brand new stain)

it's been so long since i've roughed it in the dishpits of hell
cause only crime can pay enough for my habit

my scams have been exposed my ducks are in a row
(i can't afford my death trip anymore..)

it's been so long since....
Track Name: i feel haunted (demo)
i fear for my mortal coil
for i know not the trappings of a soul
& i know it's only
you're fleeting mercy that makes me whole

you can't turn back now
that it's all over
& so long ago

i feel haunted by immaculate demons
or is it just the crystal clear memory
of going down screaming
like a t.v. turned to a dead channel
i just want to tune out
& turn off
let me dream a dream that offers sleep

you can't turn back now
that it's all over'
& so long ago

limbs still linger somehow
that i'm older
& so alone